Flying Home

Flying home to snow is not quite as exciting as flying away to palm trees, but it is still good to be back.

For the first part of the trip after taking off, it was hard to see where the ocean turned into sky. It was beautiful, and I loved seeing the beaches and boats far below.

Anika had a new book to read, so she was very content on the flight.

Too bad Kaylia can’t read. Maybe she would have been content then, too.

Kaylia did eventually fall asleep, which was a very, very good thing.

Our flights went okay, but it is definitely a lot of work to fly with small kids. We were very grateful for all the people who helped to make it easier!

Anika became good friends with one of the flight attendants, and at one of the airports, Kaylia sat down in front of a window to watch the planes, and one of the airport employees (not sure what his job was) sat down with her for a while. Anika joined them, too, and they chatted for a bit.

And now we’re back to normal life – loads of laundry, homeschool and housework! It’s always kind of hard to believe how quickly a vacation becomes a distant memory. So right now, I’m enjoying the “after-effects” – vacation pictures, sand on the laundry floor, and Kaylia’s new “Vacation Vocabulary”. Her new words learned while on our trip: swimsuit, sandals, plane, water.


2 thoughts on “Flying Home

  1. Glad to hear you’re safely back home. As much as I love travelling (and am anxiously waiting for my chance to go see Mom and Dad down there), I’d have to say that my very favorite part of a trip is making the scrapbook later. So happy scrapbooking!!

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