Pictures From Our Weekend

This weekend seemed to pass extra quickly. Maybe it was because we did more of a variety of things than we normally do. Maybe it was because the Time Change kind of seemed to throw things off a bit. (That was never such a big deal before having kids!)

Anyway, we did some fun things. Ben was gone all day at a board meeting on Saturday, so it was great to have two my aunts come out for the afternoon for a visit. They played games with Anika, and did puzzles, and played hide and seek. Kaylia is very helpful during a game of hide and seek. She watches where people hide, and then goes up to their hiding spot and says “Boo!” over and over again.

On Sunday, we went outside in the afternoon, and it was beautiful. But the sun sets so early now!

Anika loves playing on the docks that have been brought onto the beach for the winter.

Trying to take a picture of Kaylia was pointless. She does not want to sit still.

And then we just had lots of time to play inside.

Kaylia kept smiling and laughing so cutely at supper.

On Sunday, we had the boys over for supper, and afterward, they taught Anika how to do magic tricks.

And that was our weekend.


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