Pictures From Our Weekend

A winter wonderland for Halloween was a bit surprising, but much enjoyed!

Anika played outside with Chloe and Natasha almost all day, and Kaylia would have, too, if I would have let her. But she has no boots! I took her out in her sled for a little while, but she just had shoes on. She wanted to get out and play in the snow very badly! The first thing on my shopping list for our city trip this week is a pair of boots for Kaylia!

And now almost all the snow has melted. I didn’t think that I was ready for winter yet, but I’d forgotten how beautiful it is out here when it snows. I think I could be ready pretty quick.

Qualifications for Christmas music (in my mind, not Ben’s): November on the calendar, fluffy snow. It could be any day! (When Ben’s at work. He doesn’t like Christmas music until December. But that gives you hardly any time to enjoy it!)


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