Anika’s Favorite Things Right Now

As some of you will remember, in July I did 3 posts on my favorite things at the time of my birthday. I’ve decided to try doing this for each member of our family on their birthdays, which means that it’s Anika’s turn:

1) Tinkerbell

Our home has been invaded by Disney fairies, as previously mentioned. My very favorite thing about it is that one of the fairies has this Southern Belle thing going on, and Anika has been imitating her southern accent. So much fun to listen to! It’s even more fun than her English accent! (The accent skill is definitely passed on from Ben, and not from me!)

2) Rice Krispies, Pancakes, and Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast (not all at the same time, although she would love that)

3)  Chicken Fingers and French Fries for Lunch

4) Bread and Honey for Snack

5) Onion Rings and Fish for Supper

6) Colors: White and Pink

7) Clothes: Dresses, Skirts and Tanktops

8)Toys: Polly Pockets and Fairy Figurines

9) Books: Mandie books, and “Underground to Canada”

10)Being Barefoot ALL THE TIME! She does not like wearing socks ever. We’ve caught her going outside with bare feet in her winter boots!

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