We watched “Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue” in honor of Anika’s birthday last night. Here are my thoughts on the whole fairy thing:

1) I never thought I would have very many specific thoughts about fairies, but Anika is obsessed with them, and so I am now the proud new owner of “Specific Thoughts About Fairies.”

2) We gave in to the pressures of Disney once again when we bought this movie. Oops.

3) In light of the fact that Disney’s fairies are marketed towards little girls, you’d think that their outfits could be a little more age-appropriate. But I guess they show a lot of leg instead of a lot of cleavage…. Is that better? The good news: in 2012, they’re coming out with a winter Tinkerbell movie, and from the looks of things, the cold weather is forcing the fairies to cover up a bit more – they wear pants!

4) They are not princesses! Thank goodness. We were needing a change around here. The whole “treat me like royalty – give me everything I want, and a prince, too” attitude was getting old, fast.

5) The princess obsession disturbs me, because it could lead to very many little girls who actually think that they should be treated like royalty. A self-centered nature is hard enough to fight against without the help of Disney. In a little girl’s imagination, it is entirely possible to believe that she’s a princess. (Trust me, I know this from personal experience…) Here’s on of my favorite things about fairies: No matter how young or innocent or naive or preyed upon by Disney culture, NO little girl is going to truly believe she’s a fairy. There are just no wings. Fairies (again, from personal experience) seem to encourage the imagination, but there are these wonderful natural boundaries in place, because no little girl has wings. Anika has said many times, “Mommy, I wish I could fly!” Great. So does my dad. I’m okay with her wishing for that one. (Hmm…I guess the danger in the fairy obsession would be if little girls would actually try to fly, and we’d start having little girls jumping off of houses everywhere. That would not be good. Maybe the princess obsession is physically safer…)

6) I like the fairies work ethic! In the words of Tinkerbell’s fairy friend, Rosetta, “Around here, work is play!” Think that will catch on??

7) Very beautiful outdoorsy, natural kind of theme. I’ll take that over castles any day.

8) I love the fact that Anika fully believes that I bought this movie for her birthday because I was so anxious to see it!

9) It is slightly concerning that the very first thing Tinkerbell does in the movie is disobey a very serious fairy rule. Ben asks: “Which would you rather have – a spoiled, selfish little girl who is very demanding, or a disobedient little girl who ignores rules?” I guess in either situation, we won’t be depending on Disney to set the moral standards in our home…

10) I actually really loved this Tinkerbell movie a lot more than I thought I would. Even Ben said it was pretty good!

Just a note: I really don’t have big issues with Disney. I just think that, like in all things, there’s a healthy balance, and lots parental guidance needed in the life of a little girl!

4 thoughts on “Fairies

  1. yay! and fairies don’t need a prince, they can save themselves….well, at least some of the time πŸ˜› thanks for this post Kendra!

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