Pictures From the Weekend

We have spent so much time outside this weekend! Kaylia is always going over to the door, saying “Side! Shoe!” And then she brings me her hat, and says “Please!” (Without the “l”) And so we go out again!

She has discovered Anika’s doll stroller and loves it. At one point, she took out the puppy, backed her little bum up to the stroller, and said, “Sit! Ride!”

Our Thanksgiving has been quite un-thanksgiving-ish. It’s been fun and relaxing, but we’re staying around camp this weekend and getting together with family next weekend.

In the morning, Ben took the girls on a hike to Beaver Pond and the snowmobile warm-up shack, while I went down to the lake for some quiet time.

We had a picnic up by the climbing wall for lunch. It might look calm and relaxing in this picture…

…but looks can be deceiving. These pictures are a little more accurate:

Kaylia climbed all over the blanket, made a big mess, and kept helping herself to food from every container she could get her hands on, and added it to her own little bowl.

After she was done eating/destroying any food she could find, she went to the climbing wall and said, “Up!”

Later on in the afternoon, we went to Brereton and spent some time playing on the play structure:

I keep getting far more pictures of Kaylia than of Anika. I realized this weekend that one of the reasons for that is because Anika moves so fast, she’s harder to take pictures of! She also avoids the camera as much as she can, so I have to keep trying to sneak up on her. I’ll have to work on that. In the meantime, I’ll keep getting more pictures of Kaylia:

It’s been a very nice weekend, but I’m looking forward to being with family next weekend!

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