Some of you know about my new-found love for making floral arrangements. I’ve actually always loved doing it, but I used to only use real flowers – I’d hack off huge branches of apple blossoms or lilacs from my parents’ trees and make wonderful creations. I remember my dad commenting on how many branches I’d cut off his trees, but he’d always be very encouraging about my way of enjoying the beauty of nature…

Anyway, now I’ve discovered fake flowers, and I’m loving it. Here’s my latest creation:

I’ve been told that I should take this whole thing to a new level, and start my own business, but that idea is kind of amusing to me, seeing as I have no training whatsoever. I just have a lot of experience with apple blossoms and lilacs.

So now I’m stuck, loving a really expensive hobby, and living in a really small house – really, how many arrangements can I fit in it? (How many do I actually want to fit in it? Things could get kind of excessive…)



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