More Pictures!

For those of you who actually like knowing about our lives in this much detail, here’s our afternoon schedule, along with a million pictures:


Getting my lunch ready to take to the lodge (my chicken was still in the oven, just in case you’re worrying that I only live on vegetables) :

On our way to the lodge:

Eating lunch:

Kaylia eating lunch/playing with spoon:

Hanging out in the lounge after lunch:

Nap time:

Rest Time – Anika lies on the couch telling stories and playing with her dolls while Kaylia naps and I read/nap/do yoga. I love it that she still talks to herself all the time!

Wake-up time – Kaylia is not her happiest when she wakes up from a nap!

Snack time – this always improves her mood. And no, she is not eating styrofoam, as I’m sure someone will ask. She loves rice cakes:

My snack (and no picture of Anika’s snack – she was eating hummus straight out of the container, and had a weird look on her face, so it didn’t turn out to be a very good picture) :

Diaper-change time:

Laundry Time:

Swing Time:

Sidewalk chalk time:

Just playing:

Bonding with Tiki time (she went and sat there all by herself) :

Playing with friends time – Anika and Chloe are pretending to be horses, and are giving Natasha a ride:

And that was our afternoon!

Even though I only took pictures in the afternoon, I still ended up taking 96 pictures! Don’t tell Ben. He thinks I’m out of control…

One thought on “More Pictures!

  1. wow, such a full day! well, if anika is anything like her aunt…the talking to herself will continue well into her 20’s. 😛

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