Things She’s Into

1) Pork.

The other day, I was cleaning out the fridge, and Kaylia started playing with containers and stuff while I was working. I let her keep playing, until I suddenly noticed that she was sitting there with an apple in one hand, and a hunk of pork in the other, and was chewing away at it. The pork was supposed to be Ben’s supper, so I had to take it away.

2) Water.

Kaylia loves water. In the tub, in the sink, in Grandma and Grandpa’s fountain, or…in a glass of water.

The other morning, Anika and I were busy with school stuff, and Kaylia was very quiet. When I checked to see what she was doing, I found that she had lifted a glass of water off the table and set it on the floor without spilling it, and was happily splashing her little hand inside. She splashed it all over herself and was extremely entertained.

3) Walking.

She can do it all by herself, but she still likes it best if she can hang onto our fingers. She loves walking along this little wall in Ben’s parents’ backyard:

4) Jewelry.

She loves putting on necklaces. Fortunately for her, Anika loves making necklaces, so we’ve got a bunch around the house for Kaylia to wear:

5) Watermelon.

This is by far her most favorite food right now. And we have watermelon at every meal at the lodge, so she’s in luck! She doesn’t really eat it – she kind of inhales it. She starts shoving in a large piece, and never takes it away from her mouth – she just keeps mushing it in until she gets to the rind. If we don’t take it away, she eats the green part, too.

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