A number of people have expressed interest in seeing pictures of the world’s cutest matching pajamas that Anika and Kaylia received from Ben’s mom.

This was one of my wilder photo sessions with them. I had envisioned serene pictures of them sitting together, quietly enjoying the early morning light in their spotless, white pjs.

In reality, Kaylia had just smeared bananas all over her pajamas at breakfast and was extremely hyper, and Anika’s attention span and desire to be ready for the brief second when Kaylia would hold still didn’t last very long.

Oh, well! We’ll take what we can get:

And here’s a picture of story time that happened earlier that morning:


4 thoughts on “Pajamas

  1. the first and last ones are my favorite! sooooooooooo cute! i love kaylia’s big leg spread in the last one and in the first, Anika’s body language just communicates big sister-listening/counselling expertise.

  2. Well, if those pictures are a disappointment to you, you must have pretty high expectations. I love them. Especially the first one. I agree with the other Alicia. Completely big sister caring being shown there! Beautiful. And the pjs are pretty cute, too!

    • No, I’m not disappointed with the pictures – it was just a lot wilder trying to take them than I thought it would be! That’s the part that I hadn’t anticipated. But the pictures were taken the moments were captured, and if it took a little bit of chaos to do so, that’s okay!

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