Today it is 10 years since I married the most wonderful person I know! They have been 10 very good years.

But it’s kind of funny – the day feels slightly anti-climatic.  It seems like it should feel special and different, but it feels…like a normal day! But I’ve been realizing lately that normal is special and wonderful, and if I had to plan the best day ever, we’d probably end up doing what we normally do on quiet evenings at home.

We would put our sweet girls to bed at 8:00 pm, we’d make snacks together, and then we would sit on the couch and talk for hours, or watch an episode of Heartland, or practice the new ballroom dance moves we’ve been learning, and it would be perfect!

We are trying to plan some kind of fun get-away for sometime in the next few months, but in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy normal, wonderful, everyday kind of days with Ben!

3 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary dear sister-in-law!!! I am soooooo glad to have you in our family! enjoy the rest of your very normal anniversary day!!!

    sorry, i didn’t say this to you yesterday in person!!!

  2. And I am sooooo glad to have Ben in my family! Interesing how we can ‘trade’ siblings, Alicia!! Happy Anniversary, Ben & Kendra! Hope you had a great day…

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