Family Camp

This weekend, we’ve been having “Family Camp” at Red Rock. Families can come and enjoy all of the activities that campers do all summer, and it’s just a really neat time for them to do stuff together as a family.

Unfortunately, Family Camp means that we don’t see much of Ben. He’s been gone from morning till late at night. Any time that he comes to the house for a few minutes, the girls are very excited to see him, and act like they’re a little daddy-deprived right now. Most of the activities this weekend are not the type that suit our family quite yet- bringing Kaylia to the craft shop or a fireside would be a little disastrous. But for families with kids that are a little older, it seems like it’s been an amazing weekend! It makes me look forward to the things we’ll be able to do with the girls when they’re a little bit older.

Everyone goes home this afternoon, and we’ll get some time to enjoy Ben again.


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