Things She Says

We’re having so much fun around here, listening to Kaylia’s first little words. She’s imitating a lot of sounds right now, in her soft little voice, and I wish I could videotape everything, so that I’ll always remember how it sounds. Since that’s kind of hard to do, I decided to at least make a list of what she says:

“Dare” (there), every time she puts something down, or points to something that she wants.

“Doe” (door), when she wants a door opened or closed, or when she wants the front of the piano lifted up so that she can see the hammers move inside when she plays the keys.

“Pa” (up), always accompanied by her little arms up in the air, used most often when she wants to get out of her highchair, or when she wants to be lifted up to the piano bench.

“Ba-pa” (Grandpa or Grandma)

“Pease” (please)

“Tang-to” (thank you), for just about everything, it’s become this game for her, so now we have the politest baby ever.

“Dah-ddy” very clearly, all the time – she even calls me Daddy. When she’s crying, she says, “Ma, ma, ma” but I’m still waiting for “Mommy”

And of course, “no”, which is always such a popular one. Right now she uses it when Anika does something that she doesn’t like, and then she says, “No, no, no, no” in this very sad, disturbed voice, looking back over her shoulder at me to see if I’ll do anything. The issue usually involves dolls.

She is also shaking her head wildly back and forth, which I thought at first meant “no”, but it seems like she means “yes” when she does it, so that one is a little confusing…


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