I love summer at camp. I really do. And I always dread the end of it.

But the week after camp is always a good change of pace. We don’t live life by the ringing of the bell – we have our own schedule again. And it is completely quiet – very peaceful. I actually have time to realize that I was tired.

As much as I wish that summer could go on forever, realistically I know that we could never permanently live at that pace! So this week has been good.


One thought on “Slow

  1. I agree about the end of summer…even though we don’t live at camp. For us, it’s almost the opposite. FINALLY, we’ll all run on a schedule again. I’m so looking forward to school to begin. A routine again! Horray! I don’t know if the kids agree but, life just seems more manageable when we sort of know what to expect every day. Notice that I said “sort of”. Completely predictable is not our life, but sort of normal is nice. Have a good relaxing weekend. I’m just loving the updates on your life, Kendra. Nice little tidbits that make me feel caught up. 🙂

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