Anika’s Five-Year Plan…

Today my sweet six-year-old was busy coloring at the table. When I asked what she was working on, she explained (in great detail) that she was drawing her wedding party. She told me who all the bridesmaids and flowergirls were. She even knew exactly who the groom was.

Then she asked, “Is it allowed to get married when you’re eleven?”

When I said no, she asked, “How about nineteen?”

Umm…we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Anika’s Five-Year Plan…

  1. Kendra, just thought you should know, i really enjoy reading your blog. i think i have read every post. I love how honest and upfront you are about everything, its so refreshing! i actually look forward to seeing your latest updates on how you & the girls are doing, i check nearly every day – hope thats not creepy…my only job right now is wedding planning and house fixing, and though that takes a lot of time, i take short breaks often, and like to check stuff like your blog, Terra-Lee’s blog (and my wedding photographer’s latest pictures, cuz he’s awesome and i cant wait to get our pictures on our wedding day!!).
    so i had to wonder in this post…who is the groom? sometimes lil girls want to marry their daddy. or is it one of the staff, that takes time to play with her? and who were the bridesmaids and flowergirls? πŸ™‚
    Sorry we wont be able to see your family at our wedding. I hopefully might come out to camp with EJ & Victoria to visit sometime before, though.

    • Your comment made my day, Jill! Thanks so much! No, I don’t find it creepy that you check in regularly! Anika’s groom is her little friend Connor from Niverville. They are both equally convinced that they’ll get married when they’re older. We have never tried to encourage this idea, but it has continued on, strong and steady! Chloe, Natasha, and Quianna are her bridesmaids, Kaylia and Shiloh are the flowergirls, and Aidan is the “speaker”, as she called him. She’s all set! Hope your plans are coming together just as smoothly! I wish so much that we could be there for your wedding – I’m going to want to see a ton of pictures, and hear about all the details! I’m sure it will be beautiful.

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