Ice Cream

We have this little plastic ice cream cone that has become Kaylia’s most prized possession. Not really sure why. It’s just been that way for months. She holds it in her hand from morning until night. Literally. She takes it with her everywhere. When she eats, she holds the plastic ice cream cone in one hand, and shovels food in with the other.

I used to pry it out of her fingers when I put her to bed at night, because who puts their kid to bed with ice cream? But now I just let her keep it.

It’s at the point where she’s becoming known for her pink ice cream cone.  When she doesn’t have it, I’ve heard a number of summer staff asking, “Kaylia, where’s your ice cream cone?”

Yesterday, she was playing in the lounge at the lodge after supper, holding her ice cream cone, and someone said, “She’s always happy when she has her ice cream cone!” Well…not always, but pretty close!

So, if she loves it so much, why is she ever without it? That is the mystery…

It disappeared about 2 weeks ago, and it was gone for quite awhile. I didn’t really search the house for it, because I just assumed that it would show up at some point. But then one day, when I wasn’t around, Anika confessed to my mom that she knew where the ice cream was. It turns out that she hid it, because the ice cream cone is really one of her toys. She doesn’t do anything with it, she just wanted it back.

She was pretty good about giving it back to Kaylia, when I found out about the whole thing. Now, whenever the ice cream cone is missing, I know what has happened to it…


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