The Doings of Miss Kaylia

1) Bible-Trashing

She threw the Word of God into the garbage can the other day. What do you think….Should I be concerned??

2) Towel-Stealing

She is really loving my kitchen towels these days – she’s always crawling up to the oven and pulling the towels off the handle, and then whipping them around her head.

3) Nest-Making

She emptied a whole container of wipes the other day, pulling them out one by one. As the picture shows, I caught her part way through, but I left her to it, because she was finally quiet and happy after a whiny morning. Now I know what to do the next time she’s a grump – I just get out the wipes and pretend not to see anything…


3 thoughts on “The Doings of Miss Kaylia

  1. I love seeing “my” blanket hanging around in the background of your pictures. I love that it’s getting used. 🙂
    And I know about the importance (necessity) of turning a blind eye. I totally know that useful trick.

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