Anika has been begging to go blueberry picking. So that’s what we did this morning.

I have mixed emotions about blueberry picking. I can get all excited about finding big clumps of them, and I love to eat them, but when it comes right down to it, they are so little. You can pick for half an hour, and only get enough for one batch of muffins. And then they’re gone.

On the other hand, whenever we go blueberry picking, I get this living off the land kind of feeling that makes me feel really woodsy or something. Like maybe I should grow a gigantic garden, and we should stop buying meat and Ben will start hunting. And like we’re really connected with nature, and our food is free, and we’re almost on the same level as “Little House in the Big Woods.” But in reality, I’m not like that at all – I think it’s awesome that Costco sells humongous blueberries all summer, and my priority is not to live off the land.

My priority this morning was spending time with Anika, fulfilling this deep desire she had to go blueberry picking, and making special memories. And along with that, we also happened to get a small container of blueberries. We’ll make that batch of muffins (because blueberry muffins are one of her favorites), and if our pickings go no further than that, I will still know that something significant was accomplished!


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