Update on Anika’s Week at Camp

A number of you have asked how Anika’s week at camp went, so I thought it would probably be a good idea to give you all a follow-up to my post on her being a camper.

For the most part, she seems to have had a great time. On the first day, it sounds like her energy level kept going strong, all day long. Apparently she only went to sleep somewhere around 11:30pm. (Usually she’s asleep by 9:00pm) I saw Amber the next morning, and asked her if Anika had kept her awake with her talking, and Amber said, “Anika kept everyone awake with her talking.”

The next day Anika came to me three times with some issues that were troubling her – a lost swimsuit, needing a band-aid, and just feeling lonely for us. After that, there were no more issues for the rest of the week.

She says that next summer she wants to be a camper for 2 weeks. When the buses arrived this week with all the new campers, she said that she wished she was a camper again. So hopefully, it was the first of many happy weeks of camp for her!


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