Dolly Wars

Kaylia loooves Anika’s dolls. Actually, Kaylia loves anything that Anika has, and won’t let her have. But most of the time that happens to be little dolls. The second Anika goes outside to play and leaves her dolls lying on the couch, Kaylia is crawling towards them as fast as she can possibly go. She gets this extremely delighted, slightly glazed look in her eyes when she finally has the freedom to dig her hands into Anika’s little lunchbox of toys.

So we’re working on sharing these days. We’ll see how that goes…

3 thoughts on “Dolly Wars

  1. Great picture! Kaylia’s gleeful, mischeivious look is straight from her Dad too!! Can’t help you out much with the “Dolly Wars”. Never have those at my house!

  2. Hi Kendra!

    Very cute pictures! You have beautiful girls. Thanks so much for the updates- great way to keep in touch. Enjoy summer! Alisa

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