My own blog!!

I’m pretty excited – after blogging for a year and a half, I decided that it was finally time to have my own blog! So, this is for everybody who has faithfully followed the Red Rock blog, and said, “My favorite pictures are the ones of your girls!” I’ve kind of been thinking that there are a few too many pictures of our family on the Red Rock blog, so we’ll put personal stuff on here, and let the camp blog be a little more “campy”.  We’ll give this a try and see how it goes!

4 thoughts on “My own blog!!

  1. I’m so excited to read about your life on your very own blog. I totally agree. My favorite pictures on the camp blog were the ones of your family and the only truly interesting posts were yours. Well, maybe because I really don’t have much connection to Red Rock to begin with. Anyway, I think this is a great idea. It’ll be great to keep updated on your life. Have fun, Kendra!

  2. Alicia agrees with Alicia too- i looooove to look at the pictures of my cute nieces and bragg to whichever of my friends might be nearby my computer, about how cute they both are. 🙂 and I also enjoy reading your reflections on life too!! sorry that i missed you all this past week cause of my car situation. i look forward to seeing you all soon!!

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